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Hiking and Climbing

Treasure Peak and Mount Abbot (right) reflected in Ruby Lake

Trip Reports - International summits

Trip Reports - USA 14ers and famous summits

Trip Reports - California summits and technical climbs

I have done a lot of day-hikes in California mountains, some of the best photos are in my picture album. Other peaks I have summitted: Round Top (10380ft), Sierra Buttes (8591ft) in Sierra Nevada; Sheep Mountain (12497ft) and Campito Mountain (11543ft) in White Mountains; Lassen Peak (10457ft) in Cascade Range; Cone Peak (5155ft) in Santa Lucia Range; locally (San Francisco Bay Area) I often hike up Mount St. Helena (4343ft), Mount Diablo's North Peak (3557ft), Montara Mountain's North Peak (1898ft), Mount Tamalpais (2571ft).


Capoeira class at UC BerkeleyI started taking a capoeira class at Capoeira Mandinga school in Berkeley, CA in summer 1999. Capoeira (ka-poo-Eh-ra) is a Brazilian martial art / dance originated from African slaves. My teacher is Mestre Marcelo Pereira from S�o Paulo, Brazil.

Mestre Marcelo in roda Xango (left), Malandro in roda UC Berkeley class roda 1
Mestre demonstrating Xango, Malandro in roda again UC Berkeley class roda 2
Gemma (right) in roda Beringela (right) in roda UC Berkeley class roda 3
Practicing take-downs

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